Meet The Bird's Instructors

Aimée Lyndon-Adams

Aimée has been leading and co-leading community events for more than a decade. As a former senior consultant for an international training company, and former partner in a multi-media company, she designed, delivered training programs of every kind. She is an acclaimed coach, mentor, and facilitator. Now, with the needs of the time, her 12 Ascended Master Guides have encouraged her to focus on hosting rather than leading. Hosting recognizes that we always learn as much from each other as from a “teacher.”

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Jenn Flaa

Jenn Flaa a serial entrepreneur with deep roots in technology and a passion for music. A kind of Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, if Hyde can be a rocker chick/song writer/author instead of a lunatic!

She started her career as an engineer at NASA and a stint in Silicon Valley as a Quality Assurance Manager. She then started her first company, Vettanna. Its first job was to setup the QA department at eBay and train testers. Vettanna now provides IT Staffing, Projects and Consulting. She recently started The Bird Commission to deliver online & live training.

Jenn sings and plays flute in three bands. Urban Fiction is a predominately 80s rock/dance band, The Zippy Katz is vintage jazz, and Wild Life Drive is poolside fun.

She is a public speaker and is the author of "The Happiness Handbook: Living Your Extraordinary Life", "White Fawn" and a contributor to "Storm Stories: Hurricane Ian".

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Victor Gold

Victor Gold is a holistic health educator specializing in erotic spirituality. In addition to being featured on several instructional videos on sexuality, including Deborah Sundahl’s, “Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm” and Joseph Kramer’s, “The Best of Vulva Massage." Victor has written several books, the latest of which is: Long Time Coming: A Guy’s Guide to Extending Orgasm for Fulfilling Sex.

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Barry Hegrenes

Barry "Bear" Hegrenes has began his career as an educator but his entrepreneurial spirit pulled him away from teaching.

After an 18 year career in insurance claim and litigation management, Barry worked as the Risk Manager for one of the 40 largest cities in the US. While working the "day jobs," he focused like a laser on investments and retirement, achieving that goal at the age of 51 and quickly accelerating his net worth to over $1,000,000.

Like many in real estate, Bear started with a basic residential rental property, then another and then a duplex. He survived the 2008 real estate crash because he was not leveraged in debt. He has since branched off into Deeds of Trust (lending) and property flipping .

As Barry's experience and wealth grew, he has been a mentor to other real estate investors and is frequently asked to speak. Watch and learn from the Bear !!

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