Quick Prep for your job interview with Vettanna. Can you answer these questions?


  • Difference in how engineers and testers test
  • How do you get thorough test coverage?
  • When are you done testing?
  • How long does it take to get a feature solid?
  • How do you pick test data?
  • How do you design a test case?


  • What do you include in a bug report?
  • What do you do if  you disagree with a deferral?
  • Describe the software lifecycle
  • Describe the bug lifecycle


  • What do you do if upper management asks you a question?
  • How much detail do you give other team members?
  • What do you include in a weekly status report?
  • How do you handle multiple priorities?

Course curriculum

    1. Quick Start Testing

    2. Quick Start Bugs

    3. Quick Start Communications

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