Video Freaking You Out?

Relax! This starter kit has the tips you need to "chill & sparkle" and rock your videos. Don't wait another day to shine a light on your brilliance and share it with the world!

It's time to turn viewers into fans. Get started now with the Social Video Rockstar Starter Kit.

Perfect for Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Vloggers, Trainers and Side Hustlers
Video Freaking You Out?

Course curriculum

  • 1
    The Social Video Rockstar Starter Kit
    • 1 Social Video Rockstar Welcome FREE PREVIEW
    • 2 How to be a Social Video Rockstar Podcast
    • 3 3 Tips For Being a Social Video Rockstar in Record Time
    • 4 Think Like A Producer
    • 5 Five Things You Need To Do Before You Hit Share
    • 6 Chill & Sparkle
    • 7 How NOT to Rock Videos
    • 8 The 1 Thing That STOPS You From Being a Social Video Rockstar
    • 9 BONUS The Art Of Being You
    • 10 Next Steps
    • 11 Social Video Rockstar Offers
    • 12 Other Resources
    • 13 BONUS Five Secrets To Headshots That Attract Customers
    • 14 BONUS Grounding Meditation

Get Rocking Your Videos

Record, share and turn viewers into raving fans!


“If you think ‘winging it’ on your video’s is okay, think again. Jenn’s course taught me how to enhance my brand and stop diminishing it with my lackluster video presentation.”

Julie SteelmanJulie Steelman

“Jenn Flaa is the Bonnie Raitt of videology.”

Nancy RielleNancy Rielle

“Jenn covers everything you could possibly want to know about how to look good and feel comfortable on camera...And does it from a really authentic, real place showing you how to shine from the inside out.”

Katie HessKatie Hess


  • Jennifer Flaa

    Jennifer Flaa


    Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Rock Vocalist Jennifer Flaa began her career testing space flight hardware at NASA. She was QA Manager at Symantec and several Bay Area startups before founding Vettanna. She has setup the QA department at companies like eBay, Project InVision International and Skybox Imaging. She’s written training curriculums for tech workers, executives and entrepreneurs and has trained people around the world including Dell, Microsoft and the US Air Force. She also consults with executives and entrepreneurs about media training, publicity and social media. Recently expanding into on camera training to help professionals and experts be themselves when the camera rolls for teleconferences and vlogs so they can avoid the mistakes that diminish viewer confidence drive away customers. She is the author of "The Happiness Handbook: Living Your Extraordinary Life" and is the vocalist, flutist and songwriter for her bands Urban Fiction and The Zippy Katz.

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