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We are trained to give our time in Keys on a Keychain with a Figure of a Houseexchange for money.

We all have a “price.”

Our goal(s) dictate how and where we spend our time.  Most of us accept that “time for money” exchange for about 50% of our adult waking life, EVERY DAY.

A small number of people value time over money, because once time is spent, it cannot be replenished.  These people begin a journey toward working a 2 hour workday where they earn passive income instead of trading their time for money, thus allowing them to pursue their passions.

There are many ways to earn passive income, but you can work 2 hours per day and still support yourself financially by investing in buy and hold real estate.

This class will help you explore thinking outside the traditional time/work box with an eye toward investment real estate.

Course Curriculum

    1. Intro

    1. The Value of Time

    2. Changing Assets To Investments

    1. Assignment 1. What's Your Passion?

    2. Assignment 2. 5 Imaginary Lives

    3. Assignment 3. Your Perfect Day

    1. Summary

    2. Quiz

    1. Glossary

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Barry Hegrenes


Barry "Bear" Hegrenes has been an educator since graduation from college where he gained Bachelor's degrees in Psychology, English and Education and was licensed as a secondary (high school) educator for the Minnesota Public Schools with a minor in coaching. His entreprenurial spirit pulled him away from teaching high schoolers, though he remained active in athlectic coaching for many years, having been a multi-sport collegiate athlete himself. After an 18 year career in insurance claim and litigation management, Barry worked as the Risk Manager for one of the 40 largest cities in the US. While working the "day jobs," he focused like a laser on investments and retirement, achieving that goal at the age of 51 and quickly accelerating his net worth to over $1,000,000. Like many in real estate, Bear started with a basic residential rental property, then another and then a duplex. He survived the 2008 real estate crash because he was not leveraged in debt. He has since branched off into Deeds of Trust (lending) and property flipping (as an active lender/partner) in four (4) different states in the US. As Barry's experience and wealth grew, he has been a mentor to other real estate investors and is frequently asked to speak or be a presenter at investment conferences throughout the greater Phoenix Valley. Watch and learn from the Bear !!