Work conversations going wonky?

Tired of the ramblers, the interrupter & the mansplainers?

Did you know that men and women both have the same goal in conversation but their natural methods can make the other feel disrespected and wind up alienating the other?

I'm Jenn Flaa, CEO of Vettanna and The Bird Commission.  I've lived in a man's world my whole life. From growing up with two brothers, to studying engineering and technology management and entering the male dominated world of high tech.  Even in music, I'm the only girl in the band!  I had to figure out how to communicate successfully in order to not just survive but to thrive!  I was lucky to have forthright brothers, friends and mentors who "schooled" me along the way about what I was doing "wrong", why "my way" wasn't working and ideas to course correct.

In this class, I reveal my secrets as we explore the natural communication styles of men, women and bosses and how they go sideways.  We discuss the role of the listener and easy remedies both the listener and the speaker can use when the conversation becomes less than desired.

We explore the tough topics of mansplaining, intimidation and the effect of #MeToo on the workplace.

If your business communications are frustrating you this is the course for you.  Bring an open mind and a willingness to experiment with new techniques in order to transform your business relationships.

Note:  Although this course isn’t designed to fix your communication frustrations at home, you can apply the course takeaways in non-work communications too.  However; the examples given will be business based.

What You'll Learn

Videos - Blogs - Labs - Worksheet - Quizzes

Hot Topics
  • Mansplaining Explained
  • Business Communications in a #MeToo World
  • Getting What You Need in 15 Minutes or Less
  • How Chit Chat Can Save Your Job
  • #1 Skill You Need to Succeed In Business
  • How the communication styles of men, women and bosses differ
  • How to communicate effectively with the opposite sex and your boss
  • Common communication mistakes & remedies
  • English speaker
  • This course is targeted toward business communications and also applicable to non-work communications too.
  • Come with an open mind and be open to trying new mind sets or new behaviors.
This Is For You If You Have
  • Butted heads with a co-worker
  • Encountered women that ramble, men that don't listen or bosses that are short tempered
  • had confusion (or fear) about how to communicate in a #MeToo world
  • You are Business people from individual contributors to managers

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    • 4 Types of Biz Conversations - Intro FREE PREVIEW
    • 4 Types of Biz Conversations - 1 Disseminate Info
    • 4 Types of Biz Conversations - 2 Problem Solving
    • 4 Types of Biz Conversations - 3 Relationship Building
    • 4 Types of Biz Conversations - 4 Venting
    • How Men's & Women's Conversation Styles Differ
    • Three Mistakes Women Listeners Make
    • Two Mistakes Male Listeners Make
    • How Chit Chat Can Save Your Job
    • Lab - What's Your Style?
  • 3
    • Remedy for Misperceiving
    • Remedy for Interrupting
    • Remedies for Storytelling, Rambling and Not Listening
    • Getting What You Need In 15 Minutes or Less FREE PREVIEW
    • #1 Skill You Need To Succeed In Business
    • Respect & Being Humble
    • Lab 2 - What Would You Say?
    • Lab 3 Summarization Practice
    • Quiz 2 - Remedies
  • 4
    How Communication Goes Bad
    • How Communication Goes Bad
    • Top 6 Ways Communication Goes Bad
    • I'm Offended
    • Mansplaining 101
    • 3 Mansplaining Techniques
    • Business Communication in a #MeToo World
    • Conversation Deal Breakers
    • Tips for Men in a #MeToo World
    • Tips for Women in a #MeToo World
    • Lab 4 - Mansplaining
    • Quiz 3 - How Communications Go Bad
  • 5
    Communication Styles Of Bosses
    • Communication Style of Bosses
    • Chatting Up the Boss FREE PREVIEW
    • Communicating With Your Boss with Email
    • Rule Followers vs Risk Takers
    • Inside The Mind of a Boss
    • Lab 5 - Communicating With Your Boss
    • Quiz 4 - Communication Style of Bosses
  • 6
    Wrap Up
    • Summary and The 10% To Remember
    • Lab Answers

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  • Jennifer Flaa

    Jennifer Flaa


    Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Rock Vocalist Jennifer Flaa began her career testing space flight hardware at NASA. She was QA Manager at Symantec and several Bay Area startups before founding Vettanna. She has setup the QA department at companies like eBay, Project InVision International and Skybox Imaging. She’s written training curriculums for tech workers, executives and entrepreneurs and has trained people around the world including Dell, Microsoft and the US Air Force. She also consults with executives and entrepreneurs about media training, publicity and social media. Recently expanding into on camera training to help professionals and experts be themselves when the camera rolls for teleconferences and vlogs so they can avoid the mistakes that diminish viewer confidence drive away customers. She is the author of "The Happiness Handbook: Living Your Extraordinary Life" and is the vocalist, flutist and songwriter for her bands Urban Fiction and The Zippy Katz.

Social proof: testimonials

“Powerful tips. I think Jenn has done an awesome job in defining what really happens in any office / corporate environment on a almost weekly basis. For anyone wanting to improve their communication skills in the work environment or elsewhere should start here.”

M BurneyM Burney

“Nice upbeat presentation regarding a soft skill subject (office personal communications). 1 to 2 minutes on mini-categories is awesome (e.g. how to deal with co-worker venting or your role as listener vs talker). The mini-categories with descriptive titles makes it easy for me to zip back in and review specific areas. No one else does this kind of training - and it is SOOOO NEEDED !”

B. DeeB. Dee

“Very well thought out and presented in an easy to follow way. I really could have used this course 30 years ago.”

Richard CRichard C

“Good to be conscious of the different styles of communications and the types of conversations that are needed. Very well thought of.”