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In person job interviews are stressful enough and now you MUST make a great first impression on camera too!

Interviewers get so much subliminal information about you during an in person interview and they are looking for the same information during video interviews.  

But there is more communicated on video than you may be aware of.  What are you really sharing with the interviewer?

To nail the video job interview, it’s critical that you present yourself authentically and calmly when you are on camera.

In How To Rock a Video Job Interview for Job Seekers you will learn:

  • The #1 mistake you are making on video that makes interviewers know that you are NOT right for the job
  • The Basics:  Where to look, What to wear, Where to be
  • How to present yourself with confidence when it’s just you and the camera in the room
  • Hear how the interviewer is actually perceiving you
  • Simple video techniques that help you be perceived as having power, authority and intelligence
  • Why video is becoming so popular for job interviews
  • The #1 thing you can do to appear confident on camera and help you nail your interview
  • Bonus:  Equipment Options for lights, camera, microphone and backdrops
  • This class includes labs so that you can try out your new skills right away!

This class assumes that you:

  • have experience using Skype, Zoom or similar apps on your computer or phone
  • know how to record a video on your computer, tablet or smart phone

The Top 2 Interview Killers

Nervous & Self Conscious

Have you ever talked with someone who is watching themselves in the mirror as they are talking to you.  They start acting less like them self and more like what they think they should be looking like and acting like. They are focused on them self...not the conversation and not you. They are self conscious. 

This is the #1 mistake people make the minute the camera gets pointed at them for a video or a photograph.  They start thinking about themselves. Their energy gets focused internally.

  • How does my hair look
  • Where are my hands
  • Am I smiling?  Should I smile more? Less?

Think about it.  When you are sitting around with your friends, actively engrossed in conversation, you are not thinking about your hair/hands/smile.  You are focused externally on your friends, listening to what what said or responding with a comment or story. 

But how do you do that when you're just looking at a camera?  When you're ready to know, hit Buy Now.  You'll never make that mistake again and in fact you will be calm, confident, relaxed and natural!

This Class Is For You

Who Should Take This Class
  • Anyone searching for a job that is required to provide:
  • Video Introduction
  • Video Interview
  • Pre-Recorded Interview Questions
  • Video Job Interviewing for Managers, Recruiters and Hiring Teamsis the companion class or Interviewers that focuses not only on how you can be professional on video but also how you critique a video interview differs from an in person interview.
Not Covered
  • This course does not cover how to answer job interview questions
  • This class does not cover how to edit video as the majority of video job interviews are live.
Course Length
  • 1.5 hours of video instruction
  • 1+ hour of lab work to practice
This Class Is For You

Course curriculum

  • 1
    1 - Welcome
  • 2
    2 - How To Behave Professionally On Video
    • Your Goal...It's Not What You Think FREE PREVIEW
    • Where Do I Look?
    • How To Convey Confidence in the First 5 Seconds
    • How To Communicate Power, Authority & Intelligence in the First 5 Seconds
    • What Should I Wear? - Ladies
    • What Should I Wear? - Men
    • Should I Wear Makeup?
    • Do Men Have To Wear Makeup on Video?
    • Your Hair On Video
    • What's Behind You? (Your Background is Speaking Too)
    • Good Backgrounds For Video Interviews
    • How To Sit Confidently On Video
    • What To Do With Your Hands
    • Glare In Your Glasses?
    • Practice Tips
    • "Before" (Training) Interview Example Explained
    • Lab 2 - Practice Your New Video Behaviors
    • How To Behave On Video Quiz
  • 3
    3 - During The Interview
    • Why Video Interviews are Popular
    • When To Schedule The Interview
    • What To Expect
    • Distractions
    • Pulling Focus Away From You
    • How In Person & Video Interviews Differ
    • How To Start & End Your Video Interview
    • How Long Should Your Answers Be?
    • #1 Mistake That Destroys Your Interview
    • Lab 3 – Prace Removing Distractions
    • During The Interview Quiz
  • 4
    4 - Handling Video Fear & Nerves
    • Fear of Being Seen & Revealing Yourself
    • Un-Nerving Yourself
    • Grounding Meditation
    • Lab 4 - Practice Un-Nerving Yourself
    • Un-Nerving Yourself Quiz
  • 5
    5 - Your Setup and Equipment
    • Do I Need To Buy New Camera, Mic, Lights and Backdrop for This Interview?
    • Equipment Experiment - Easy, Affordable Setup
    • Upgraded Camera & Mic
    • What's On My Desk During Video Interviews?
    • Jenn's Office Setup With Ambient Light For Video Interviews
    • Jenn's Office Setup With Full Lighting and White Backdrop
    • Lab 5 - Experiment With Your Video Setup
    • Equipment Quiz
  • 6
    6 - Your Introduction Video
    • Should I Use a Script?
    • #1 Way To Bore Your Viewer
    • Video Check List Animated
    • Lab 6 - Practice Your Video Introduction
    • Your Video Check List
    • Your Introduction Video Quiz
  • 7
    7 - Bonus Tips
    • Before The Video Interview
    • After The Video Interview
    • What If You Have An Accent?
    • 4 Tips
    • 4 Things To Avoid
    • Preparing For Your Video Interview
    • Your Eyes Communicate Too
    • "After" (Training) Interview Example FREE PREVIEW
    • What if I Have a BAD Interviewer?
    • Lab 7 - No Sound
    • Bonus Tips Quiz
  • 8
    8 - Wrap Up
    • Jenn's Last Thoughts
    • Last Labs
    • The 10% To Remember
    • Video Coaching
    • Sample Interview Questions
    • Your Next Class?

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“If you think ‘winging it’ on your video’s is okay, think again. Jenn’s course taught me how to enhance my brand and stop diminishing it with my lackluster video presentation.”

Julie SteelmanJulie Steelman

“Jenn Flaa is the Bonnie Raitt of videology.”

Nancy RielleNancy Rielle

“Jenn covers everything you could possibly want to know about how to look good and feel comfortable on camera...And does it from a really authentic, real place showing you how to shine from the inside out.”

Katie HessKatie Hess


  • Jennifer Flaa

    Jennifer Flaa


    Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Rock Vocalist Jennifer Flaa began her career testing space flight hardware at NASA. She was QA Manager at Symantec and several Bay Area startups before founding Vettanna. She has setup the QA department at companies like eBay, Project InVision International and Skybox Imaging. She’s written training curriculums for tech workers, executives and entrepreneurs and has trained people around the world including Dell, Microsoft and the US Air Force. She also consults with executives and entrepreneurs about media training, publicity and social media. Recently expanding into on camera training to help professionals and experts be themselves when the camera rolls for teleconferences and vlogs so they can avoid the mistakes that diminish viewer confidence drive away customers. She is the author of "The Happiness Handbook: Living Your Extraordinary Life" and is the vocalist, flutist and songwriter for her bands Urban Fiction and The Zippy Katz.

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